Monday, May 4, 2015

Art, Art, Art, Art...

 Lead singer Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada. (Graphite, prismacolor pencils and a white ink pen)

A man's best friend: Chewbacca (Graphite and white ink pen)

 Dinner is served for the parasites of this planet: humanity. (Prismacolor pencils)

Catherine Howard  (Prismacolor pencils and markette)

When I'm beheaded at least I was wedded
And when I am buried at least I was married
I'll hide my behavior with wine as my savior

But, oh, what beautiful things I'll wear
What beautiful dresses and hair
I'm lucky to share his bed
Especially since I'll soon be dead - Marry Me


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I find everyone has their own artistic ability; whether it be general art, music, being a doctor, teaching, singing, an architect, car fanatic, chef, whatever have you. Everything you see is art.


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